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We are a part of company - Axiory which supported this project about trading community for a better overview of the markets. We do everything to ensure that our clients were profitable and have the most detailed overview of the markets and news. Every day we will update the information about what is happening in a world economy. We bring you our help and assistance of our professionals in their specialization in our services. The more you can see in different sections on the Website. We creating money-making opportunities for all groups of people. Just USE IT!


About Axiory

Axiory Ltd. is a brokerage firm that focuses mainly on trading on the Forex and CFD markets, with an eye towards global coverage. Axiory Ltd. was founded to create the opportunity of good long-term returns for its end clients, as well as offer the chance of favourable cooperation worldwide. Simply put, our company provides innovative products for international clients using regional representatives and partners. The services our company provides can be accessed by clients in all parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India, Australia and Malaysia, using direct telephone contact which is priced according to your country's telecom rates, or toll free.

Axiory Management

"Our goal is to have the highest ratio of profitable clients on the markets, as well as offer the opportunity of cooperation to entrepreneurs, individuals, and companies globally in order to share the Axiory vision."

Axiory Ltd. was founded by a group of managers and traders, who were dissatisfied with the business methods of many other brokers. Consequently, they set their minds and energy to establishing a very different kind of brokerage firm: one that is constantly improving its support of the client's trading activity and investments.

Moreover, the management of the company comprises of people who have years of experience not only in the financial markets, but also in the futures markets. Some of these individuals were previously managers of companies that had focused on Forex fund management and/or had managed the futures markets. As a result of associating with these people, Axiory Ltd. was established. Today, they still contribute the very same drive, experience and insight, which originally gave rise to the company’s vision.

The entire management and employees of the company identify with this vision, and, by doing so, they work hard to realise this most challenging goal.

Our Vision

"Our vision is to challenge the (financial) markets and prove that trading on these markets can be profitable for a vast number of individuals, companies and institutions."

In hand with this vision, we aim to offer the opportunity of a lucrative business proposal to entrepreneurs and companies, as well as create a job opportunity for anyone who wishes to share the company vision, and achieve further personal and professional success.

Our Mission

"It is our intention to reach the above-mentioned vision by offering cutting-edge and innovative services, such as multi-trading, assisting trading systems, high quality analysis, effective educational input, and a reliable, quick, and helpful worldwide support service. Our client range is wide: from self-traders, professional traders through corporations and institutions, to investors who are in search of new possibilities on the financial markets. Therefore, we categorically state that we will always support our clients and partners in all activities to help spread this mutual vision globally."

Bank Accounts

Naturally, as we wish our clients to have the best possible service and degreee of safety for their funds. Therefore, we are very careful about choosing the banks that we cooperate with.
For this reason, we have created a partnership with one of the world's largest banks - HSBC group. It has been our partnership bank since the very start of Axiory's activities.


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