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Strategies and Advantages of Forex day Trading The Forex market is no doubt an attractive one with its three trillion dollar turnover. However, this is not a market for those who are not prepared to learn about it fully before making their move. Day trading is a...
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Essential part of succes in the market is to have an accurate method how to determinate the market trend. Even there was invented many methods, how to determinate trend with indicators, I think they are too lagging and retail traders are teached to use it by market makers to suffer...
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Video Diary

april 13, 2012 10:47:30 AM, Author: Greg
We have decided to post our video diary here. We make 1 or 2 videos per week where we analyze the market and talk about it in general. There is also a video about money management so you can see what kind of money management we use and how we...
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Forex – investiment for ordinary people

january 4, 2012 1:55:13 PM, Author: Nextland
If we take a look in history, we will find that only major banks and institutions could take part in Forex. But this has changed. Since 1990 more and more individuals are becoming interested in it. Why are they doing it? There are several reasons for this. Most traded...
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