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This is the channel for all traders, from beginner to professional as well as investors, or anyone else interested in Forex who wants to be in touch daily with worldwide financial events.

Debut date

We officially begin on the 10th of October but we already have a short trailer you can watch that demonstrates what you can look forward to. Watch it below.

News Content

Technical analysis

Watch the latest developments of the main currencies with selected indicators.

Fundamental analysis

Learn what's new in the world and how it could affect the markets.

Overview of Traders

See the performance results of Axiory’s top traders offered through our various platforms.

The Sign-off

At the end of the each news broadcast we will present a daily inspirational quote from various famous, clever and interesting people. These will be broad and thought provoking quotes coming from all walks of life, and not necessarily from the financial business world.


In our preview trailer you have the unique opportunity to see both our moderators - Viktoria and Jeff working together. Both our presenters will alternate throughout the week with each offering their own individual qualities; Viktoria is soft-spoken, articulate and spirited, and Jeff has vigor with positive energy and a passion for delivering Forex news to viewers. You can look forward to Victoria on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, and Jeff on the other remaining days.


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Daily Forex Analysis November 13, 2012
Fundamental Part First news for today will be published at 9:30 am GMT when Office for National Statistics will release...

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