Coding EA for traders

Have your own idea of trading strategy you would like to automate? Our team of programmers will create a program for Metatrader 4 to according to exact requirements.

Please send all important information:

  • Define the currency pairs. Trading on multiple currency pairs increases the complexity of your robot. The same trading strategy can have on various pairs of different results.
  • Specify the time frame - 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, daily graph, etc.. Tracking multiple time frames is possible.
  • Write all oscillators and indicators to use. As for custom indicators that are not included in Metatrader 4, send it in attachment.
  • Send a detailed description of the trading strategy, specify any algorithm and methods used.
  • Define entry rules.
  • Define exit rules.

Include all data that are relevant for your strategy so that we can create for you profitable EA.
Every customer gets the original source code for the programmed strategies. Every purchase includes complete free support . It is valid for 30 days after receiving the product. Just send your request and give you a price.

Example client request:

  • I want to buy EUR / USD when the MACD indicator crosses zero from below while the RSI is above 60
  • On whether this trade is automatically set to stop-loss of 40 points and Target Profit 100 points.
  • I do not want the system traded on Friday and Monday.

The price of such a program (and similar type), including minor changes and modifications it is about 150USD. More complicated programs we analyze and send you the price that we are able to make a program.

Price list of functions:

1) A complete functional EA, an indicator used, the hard stop-loss, profit target, fixed lot size = 100 USD
2) Each additional 1 used indicator = 40 USD
3) Money management, lot size determined the size of the deposit and the size of stop-loss = 30 USD
4) Enter the trading hours by which an EA trading = 20 USD 
5) Trailing stop, moving stop-loss with a technical indicator = 20 USD
6) Installation Martingale strategy (buying positions) and similar type = 30 USD

Security of expert advisor:

1) Hide a piece of code into a DLL file and an existing EX4 file. Added EXP file that will be required to run and determine the time of expiration. Without the expansion set will not work = 150USD
2) Convert the robot into a DLL, the mq4 leave only the necessary parts (price depends on difficulty) = 300 USD
3) Limited to demo = 80 USD
4) Limited on the account number = 80 USD

These prices are indicative only!

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