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1. Basic information about forex market

How much money can you make on FOREX? You can find out in article „How interesting can incomes from FOREX be“. FOREX – International Interbank FOReign Exchange – simple...

2. Currency pairs

The Forex market is rather special considering its trading with the currency pairs. Let’s have a look on some of the most important world currencies and on the secondary and...

3. Trading terms

Making sense of Forex terminology and how to read and understand numbers and codes is an important step towards a proper understanding of the market and to launch successful careers...

4. Big players on market

Now we will look at who is involved in the money market and what are the roles of each participant. We will go through each individual specific group and we...

5. The difference between forex and other markets

Immediate execution guidelines Your business is directly execuated, made at prices that you see in the live data. Under normal conditions, then clearly you have the price for...

6. Technical analysis

Technical analysis is undisputed basis of all traders of modern times. It also becomes a petted queen in other areas closely related to the trading such as software and more. ...

7. Fundamental analysis

Definition of fundamental analysis and a simple classification of basic indicators of global fundamental analysis. You will know where to find the necessary information and which are important. For knowing...

8. Psychology

Psychology and Risk- these two words are closely interconnected, especially if we talk about trading. Psychology is important in all aspects...

9. Money Management

Statistics and simple math is the key to successful trading. Let's explain the main tasks of money management (abbreviated MM). We will look in detail, how much risk we can...

10. Forex trading systems

Trading systems, money management, psychology. These are three basic tools that trader needs for successful trading. Although from these three areas the trading system assigns the smallest weight, yet they...

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