Introducing Partners

The Axiory Introducing Partner (IP) program has been designated suitable for both individuals as well as companies. It is a method of partnership whereby an Axiory partner can either introduce the forex business opportunity to his/her existing clients, or he/her can build up a new client base, thanks to the business model

The Axiory Introducing Partner (IP) program offers various beneficial programs to our partners. For example, Axiory IPs may use their own website to freely promote Axiory, according to their own discretion. Consequently, this will allow them to build their client portfolio, which can be tracked using back-office tools.

Who can become an IP?

  • Companies or individuals that wish to offer services, and receive commissions on a regular basis.
  • Companies or individuals that already offer different forex services (education, signals, etc.), and would like to share Axiory's brokerage vision and services
  • Companies or individuals that wish to act as money managers

Support by Axiory

Each IP has their own manager available to assist them with solutions to any problems related to this activity, or to answer any questions asked. Moreover, there is a 24 hour support service offered by Axiory, which allows the partner, or his clients to ask any questions, as well as solve any common operative requirements facing the clients or the IP.

Platforms and modifications

An introducing partner has the opportunity of delivering all Axiory's products to his clients. In addition, there are custom-made modifications that carried out on these two products:

  • The Mirror trader - each IP can choose which strategies their customers will have in their Mirror Trader. This means that, if required, they can provide only those strategies that they consider to be the best.Coincidently, this, in turn, could provide the basis for an extra service to their customers.
  • PAMM monitoring – IPs can use one of the monitoring widgets on their website to promote only those chosen portfolios. As a result, they don’t have to offer the complete portfolio of numerous strategies. However, they may choose which trader to offer, according to their needs and those of their clients.

Why not be a Regional Partner?

If you are in a region where the Forex services provided are of a poor standard, e.g. the fees charged are excessive. Or you just believe that services that Axiory offers would be welcomed in that area. Then perhaps you should consider becoming our regional partner or representative and spread the company's vision, and create a successful business for yourself in the bargain.

Regional cooperation, in its finalized form, creates the opportunity of building your very own Axiory branch to manage and to spread the word of Axiory's goals and services.

How to become a Regional Partner

A regional partnership, in most cases, starts from the position of an Introducing Partner, whereby the partner demonstrates he/she has the tools to keep and develop Axiory's services in that particular country. Axiory can then give the opportunity to build regional representation.

The regional partner programme offers numerous advantages - namely, you have the possibility of building the structure of your own IPs and White Labels.

Nevertheless, it is essential that those on the regional partnership programme fully identify with the company vision.


EA Providers

For the creators of trading systems, we offer a partnership, which may increase their revenue-making and facilitate the work with Expert Advisors to their clients.

The distributor or programmer of trading systems has the possibility to conclude an IP or WL contract with our company, which shall allow them to gain a new source of income.

Further more the EA distributor may continue to sell their trading system, but now they can implement it directly into the Axiory MetaTrader 4 trading platform and thus simplify the installation of software for the client. Thus the problems and questions about the EA setting are eliminated. Client may only download the Axiory MT4 and already have their EA installed and ready to use.

With us, the EA distributor has a possibility to have income both from the sale of EA as well as from the performance fee in when being listed in the PAMM database or eventually even receive bonuses from IP or WL programs.

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